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this is my special place where i meditate and shares my emotions ..please remind yourself that is my blog and i can put anything i wanna post troublemakers aren't welcome here okess beibeh (: thank you 

getting changed (:

arrived by the middle of the year! Oh yeah . aku  still tak ready for trial exam .apatah lagi real exams = _ = "
aku tataw bile mase I wanna  turn into a girl yang  more diligent in all things! Sape pulak yang nak regret
 later in life, right? apepon,  grateful to God !  I was getting changed. even a little by a little .. at least.. 
I'm changing ! aku punye  results GOING UP ! hope will continue until the end;) 23 march 2011
bile aku tengok results deorang.. I started  to think so:) hah ini yang pentingnye...alhamdulillah ..berjaye

getting bored dengan HANTU LEMBNY!!

shuh ! shuh lah engkaw wahai penggode XD
                                                                                                coretan kiera kiesya