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this is my special place where i meditate and shares my emotions ..please remind yourself that is my blog and i can put anything i wanna post troublemakers aren't welcome here okess beibeh (: thank you 

welcome to our silly class (:

yeah! let's let! today i want to tell about my class teacher, mr Husin(; haiyakk! 
btw, welcome to grade 5 science that
full of madness and jokes (;!! hope you can be  patient with our actions! 
sirr! Frankly, we dont directly like any homework thats boring! 
we really hate hw such as making a note that compels us to read (: 

haha! weenk.wenk sory sir! you are so awesome for us! fierce! firm! omg! allthere! 
GRR (; in english class .. 
mr Husin has created three rules that we should, must and shall go! haiyakk!
The first rule .. We are required to bring all the english books!

The second rule .. if we are unable to complete all assigned homework
 or forget to bring a book / / removes any papers that
have been given for the materials of our homework .. ... 
we must tell him before he entered the classroom to teach! okess. 
Kiera,, take note of it! (;

The third rule .. we must and shall honor with him. 
follow all the rules that have been granted! oh yeah! and!
if we want .. we can to treat him as a good friend as well as a teacher! ! 

However, if we break one of the rules given ..

Do not forget to say
"welcome to your nightmare !"
=______________= omg! 
I felt verydistressed by that verse!

Haha ! okesss bossss ! i will try to follow the ground rules all the time (: