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this is my special place where i meditate and shares my emotions ..please remind yourself that is my blog and i can put anything i wanna post troublemakers aren't welcome here okess beibeh (: thank you 

we are still friends, right?

you, what's wrong? why you removed me from your fans? you hate me? crap with my actions? for a week we lost contact! hari tu,, i text you and you apologized me cuz have not text me. I noticed the change in attitude and service of you kat i. very significant indeed! rarely its make me think negatively about you! and randomly i know that you have  removed me without any text and reasons! you knoe? I feel discouraged with your actions. all of a sudden you do not care about me as before! : '(when i text you, seems like you nak tanak  jea. right? maybe you have a problem .. err =___________=" I bet, there's something you want to try to hide from me. but, I hope that you still consider me as a friend and want to be honest with me . thank you babe =.="

you are a good friend and a great listener for me: '(I want you back and I want you to be like before:'(