Backgrounds & Love Backgrounds
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this is my special place where i meditate and shares my emotions ..please remind yourself that is my blog and i can put anything i wanna post troublemakers aren't welcome here okess beibeh (: thank you 

goodbye (;

you! sorry, sometimes I  tak faham dengan you punye behavior and actions!
 why are you doing this to me? you share all our problems on your friends
 and you do not live on my consent to share our problems with my friends!
 i dint notice you!  if you think that you can quest other girls yang better than me, 
just go on!  you try to dominate my life! you tak bagi i  making friends with other men,
 even as a frens? omg!  you are so excessive dear! you dispute all the
 love that you already give to me! haha! tapayalah okess! if you think, you're
  good looking person, of course, you can quest other girls, right? oh whateva!
 you are cheatingwith me! and now, you want to blame me with all problems 
we are facing now?! if you feel dah takde feeling and passion with me ..
 just accept that I have to say good-bye! and do not ever,  you revile me with 
your crew! sorry coz i pon tak boleh forget you and I still love you! but,
 I know you will not tolerate me even  just as a friend right? =____________=" 
okess thnx for all (;