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this is my special place where i meditate and shares my emotions ..please remind yourself that is my blog and i can put anything i wanna post troublemakers aren't welcome here okess beibeh (: thank you 

lost in though -.-'

jangan nak sombong sangad . 
kaw sombong dengan aku sebulan .. setahun aku sombong dengan kaw .
nak delete wall post aku ? 
weii , ape masalah kaw  ? nak kate aku marah ?
sumpa lah aku marah , kaw buad macam tu ! 
tapi kaw boleh pikir lah weii nak delete agak2 ye !
sekali kaw buadd . sampai bile2 aku tak post pape kat wall kaw  .
nak kate aku tachink ? tachink kea aku ?
tachink aku lain , marah aku lain okay .bye

  thank you for reading COMEL ! . ILOVEYOU